Contract Manufacture Available

Apart from producing our own-brand products we also offer the services of contract manufacturing, contract filling and development services for skincare & beauty treatments, personal care and household products. We are able to handle projects from the concept stage to formulation, manufacture, filling and packaging.


We have established and maintained a diverse network of loyal clients (local and overseas) over a short period of time. This has been achieved through Nature's Land's ability and willingness to work together with our clients, designing (eg. formulation, packaging) new products or adapting products to suit individual markets. We have also assisted our customers in creating many innovative, high quality on-demand products with an affordable competitive edge. Accurate and constant communication with our clients is an essential element in us providing high quality and reliable service.

With our manufacturing plant which is constantly updated, our product lines are highly flexible which allows us the capacity to manufacture large to small runs without any delays.


Quality Assurance is of top priority. You can be assured that only high quality raw materials/ingredients are used. Our fully equipped laboratory is capable of product analysing and testing throughout all stages of manufacture. All raw materials and ingredients are QA/QC tested to insure purity and potency prior to manufacturing. Formulas are tested for proof of potency and stability, as well as free from microbiological contamination after manufacturing. Our highly qualified QA/QC team are permanently engaged in on-going development to ensure the highest quality product. A Certificate of Analysis will be provided for each manufactured batch.


Our formulations staff can build a product to a price, a quality or to a client's specification. If you would like Nature's Land to develop a custom formulation for you, simply contact us and make an appointment with any of our friendly staff. You can also use one of our stock bases which you can then simply add additional materials for a totally unique product. Simply let us know what you want.

We are able to handle all types of product forms such as gels, creams, liquids, powders, oils, lotions, balms, deodorants, waxes, perfumes etc.


In relation to packaging, we have the ability to pack in numerous forms. Therefore you can have your product filled in bottles, jars, tubes, pales, tubs, buckets, drums etc. You can use any of our stock packaging or use one you already have. If you're not sure what packaging to use, we have a detailed list of many packaging suppliers who are more than capable to satisfy your needs.

Not only are we able to pack in various forms, we can provide packaging in numerous materials such as Plastic (eg. pvc, ldpe, hdpe, pet, petg), Aluminium, Steel and Glass.

In terms of caps and lids, we can provide them in numerous forms, such as flip top caps, screw caps, child resistant caps, atomiser sprays, trigger sprays, tamper evident caps and lotion pumps.

Labelling Design & Printing

We have a detailed list of professional label design and printing companies which we have worked closely with for many years. Very reliable and are more than willing to service your design and printing needs.

Your Privacy

Nature's Land has been offering the service of contract manufacturing, contract filling and development services for skincare & beauty treatments, personal care and household products for numerous companies - local and overseas. We value your business therefore we are committed to our privacy policy (Non Disclosure Agreement) for all our clients.

Servicing Your Needs

Our manufacturing plant is located in Australia which is constantly updated. Has advanced equipment for processing and manufacturing which ensures a quick and efficient production with minimum lead time. Our production lines are highly flexible which allows us the capacity to manufacture large to small runs. Finished goods are stored at our warehouse, ready to be shipped out. Fast and reliable delivery without delays.

Our staff are all committed to providing a service that is professional, reliable, honest and of high quality. When planning your next production do not hesitate to contact Nature's Land for quotations to meet your immediate and long term requirements. We look forward to servicing your needs.